Kazincy Ferenc, Fráter Lóránd and Csiha Kálmán Memorial Museum

The museum

sample imageThe "Kazinczy Ferenc Memorial Chamber" was established in 1991, in the building of the former boys' school, which is situated in the center of the village. In 1994 the exhibition has been completed with the "Fráter Lóránd" gallery. In the creation of both exhibitions the local authority and the community's intellectual class had an important part. In 2005 the local authority purchased a new building for these exhibitions. The exhibitions of the institution - now with a new residence - were completed again in 2008, this time with the "Csiha Kálmán Memorial Chamber". The local authority succeeded to acquire governmental recognition to the institution: further on it functions as museum. In 2009 the museum gained license, the maintainer became the local government.

sample imageThe building of itself is one of the oldest houses of the village. The exact date of the construction couldn't be determined up to now, but it is sure that the house was possessed by the Bossányi family (Ferencz Kazinczy on his mother's side descended from this family). Many sources mention this building as Kazinczy's house of birth, but this theory is unacceptable, since there are exact figures about the building's demolition in 1931. In spite of this fact it seems, that Kazinczy stayed here several times and for longer periods.

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